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 Energizing, rewarding, fun! Are these adjectives you use to describe your interactions with students in your class? If not, they can be!

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Thriving Testimonials

Sharon M. Davis, Administrator

"Claudisha has a powerful ability to move teachers in creating change that helps students meet with more success. She offers practical tools and strategies that support the teacher in better understanding how to reach and teach their students. Similarly, Claudisha helps educators define their goals and take effective steps towards achieving them."

Dr. Natasha Scott, Educator

"I am elated to recommend Claudisha, she is a force to be reckoned with. Her ability to capture an audience is prodigious. Her fitness while delivering content is mesmerizing. She is clear and concise while speaking and facilitating learning for adults. I am looking forward to working with her again in the near future."


Educator, Environment, Engagement (3-E Growth)

New Teacher Mentoring & Coaching-Grow the Educator

New Teacher Mentoring & Coaching-Grow the Educator
DiSC® WorkPlace-Grow Your Environment
Professional Development-Grow Teacher Engagement
Student Support

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  • WBENC Certified
  • 20+ Years Experience Supporting Educators
  • Custom-Fit Solutions for Educators in Public, Charter, or Independent Schools
  • Expert Team of School Community Cultivators
  • Data-Driven & Results Oriented
  • Practical, Relevant Differentiation Strategies
  • DiSC® Workplace Implementation
  • Human Centered Consulting