Tiffany Tapp-Angel

TiffanyTapp-Angel is a family and community engagement coordinator and consultant who specializes in developing and evaluating systems that enhance the overall educational experience for students, families, staff, and the community. 

     Tiffany understands the importance of having a growth mindset, and how it directly impacts the classroom, campus, and community environment to create a positive culture for all. 

     She has over ten years in the educational field where she's served as a single- and multi-grade teacher in public, charter, and private schools, a literacy specialist, mentor teacher/coach, curriculum writer, operational systems developer, and community partnership organizer.   

     Tiffany believes in creating an environment where students and teachers can continuously thrive through attention to positive culture, quality instruction, well-fleshed out systems, and reflective practices.   

     Tiffany's commitment to consistent growth and development, as well as keeping the success of the whole-child and community at the forefront of her practices, have allowed her to create environments that are conducive for learning, fostering creativity, and reaching high expectations in all areas for all stakeholders in the school community.

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